Monday, May 10, 2010

Gim Foon Wong - LEGEND

I met Gim last week when he walked up to my parked motorcycle, stared at it for a minute then sat on it without asking. I thought it was a pretty sweet old man move so we got to talking, he told me he had a bunch of bikes back at his garage so I stopped in on him a couple days later with my camera - turns out he's a legend. Gim was born in Vancouver's Chinatown in 1922, he flew a bomber in World War Two, worked as a welder for Fred Deeley (Trev's grandfather) and raced midget cars from the 50's to 70's. Six years ago at the age of 82, Gim rode his Honda all the way to Ottawa to get back the money his father paid to the government for the Chinese head tax and he demanded an apology. What else can you say - Gim is a LEGEND
His Wide Glide Trying to kick over his Harley
He does his own striping
Racing days/Post War parade on his 45 Still riding... and with a Vet plate